Green burial scare tactics

What kind of crap is this? Mr. Gilligan is forgetting the fh is an employee hired to do a job for the family (the employer) for consideration (money.) If the family desires a green funeral, the fh should provide only those services requested. I know fd’s who are accommodating to the families and everything always works out well. If the fh refuses to cooperate, fire him and find a fd who will not force NFDA forms on you. There are plenty of principled fd’s out there who are above this slimy tactic. You have supreme authority and you may have to find a non-NFDA fh. It always helps to take your Uncle Carmine and Aunt Bertha (and others) with you to level the playing field. Mr. Gilligan’s form is really designed to harass and manipulate the grieving family in the name of protecting the fh. In reality, the purpose is to protect fh business and to dinminish a less profitable green funeral market. His remarks are designed to disparage third party caskets. The way Mr. Gilligan makes green burials sound, it is a miracle mankind has survived thousands of years without today’s embalming methods. I would ask for a copy of the statute requiring the form, and when they can’t produce it, simply refuse to sign it.

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