Grave Decoration

That is so sad to me you aparently have never buried a child. Decorating the grave is not a act against any other person nor those at the cemetery it is an act of love toward the bured there. It is an expression of grief and loss. Those of you in this business are so vain and should be ashamed that you would inflict further pain upon the heart of the grieving. I visit my 19 year old son in a cemetery every day and have now for going on 3 years now. You sit down in front of these people when your loved one dies and they portray them selves as understanding, caring people and as soon as you give them the money they become unconcerned hateful disloyal individuals and your stuck because the body of that sweet loving person you lost is buried there and you can do nothing about it. Don’t you guys get it when we the grieving pull into the cemetery we see nothing more than that one spot and we drive straight to it every time we bother no one we pretty much speak to no one we come there to be close to our loved ones and to grieve and mourn and we are being told by cemetery managers, owners and down right heartless people how we are allowed to do that. I understand it is your business and method of making money but when we the grieving are trying to decide where to lay those we love you pump us full of lies and promises and you take our money and then you further shatter our hearts. May God have Mercy on all of you, and may you never know loss the way we do. We are sold a piece of property at top dollar no doubt and we are given a deed of ownership and we can’t even grieve as our heart so despartly needs. Better be careful sooner or later life completes a circle and all evil people do have there day.

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