Georgia Funeral Directors Prevail in Important Cemetery Case

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
by T. Scott Gilligan, NFDA general counsel
(Article updated)

Six Georgia funeral homes and several vault companies (“Funeral Home Group”) sued the Savannah Cemetery Group, which owns five private cemeteries in Savannah, Ga., when the Savannah Cemetery Group established a rule prohibiting the use of concrete burial vaults in its cemeteries. The Funeral Home Group challenged the cemetery regulation, alleging that it violated the Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000. That law allows cemeteries to establish reasonable rules and regulations regarding the type and specifications of any and all merchandise to be used and installed in a cemetery. The Funeral Home Group claimed that it was unreasonable for the cemeteries to require the use of polymer or steel vaults instead of concrete vaults.

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