Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part III
February 28, 2011

The Mayan

Among the Yucatec, the Franciscan Priest Diego de Landa gave an account of a how a husband or wife would undergo a period of fasting while mourning for their departed spouse. A gruel made from maize was put into the mouth of the dead, who was then shrouded and entombed in the floor of the house, which, at that point, was abandoned.

Death, according to the Mayan, was often a journey towards rebirth. That is, unless you were evil. For those who had committed unforgivable acts, they might spend an eternity in the underworld known as Xibalba. But, if you died by sacrifice, during childbirth or in battle, you went directly to the over world, or heaven and there was no need for rebirth.

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