Funeral regulations of Louisiana

I am writing from personal experience and from observations of funerals I have performed as a minister. I rememeber my Grandmother spening over $10,000 dollars to bury her hysband years ago, because they talked to her alone and told her all kind of lies. She was a poor person of age. I have preached many funerals where I have seen families spend 5 and 6 times what was needed because the funeral home told them it was the only way to protect their love one from bad thing in the grave. I know of funeral homes in Oakdale, louisiana and other towns around that will not use the cheaper wood or box funerals. I know of some that would refuse and transfer the body to another funeral home because they could not make the amont of money they wanted. Something needs to be done in Louisiana to stop poor people from being taken advantage of in these ways. It breaks my heart to preach a funeral where I see how the family is treated so badly. I know they must make money, but not what they make today. They sell 6 or 8 thousand dollar funerals thet cost them less then $1200.00, this is terrible. If you can have any effect on Louisiana funeral homes please use every bit of your authority to do so.

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