Funeral law applying to cemeteries

There’s a cemetery in El Cajon CA that’s been selling preneed mausoleum space for EIGHT YEARS….yet never once even broke ground to build a mausoleum!! California law requires, according to a KUSI-TV consumer watchdog, that cemeteries refund the money if the preneed property isn’t available within 3 years of its preneed sale. The GM initially refused to refund several customers’ money, until the TV reporter embarrassed the crooks on local TV. The GM claimed he didn’t know the state law, even though his entire family, and his father’s family, I learned, have been in the cemetery business since the 1950s. The funeral-cemetery biz has no one but themselves to blame for the rash of restrictive consumer protections that strangle their profits today, after entire generations of our predecessors were ripped off by shysters preying on people when they were most vulnerable.

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