Funeral Homes in Louisiana

I hold an embalmer/funeral director license in Louisiana, and have previously been licensed in Texas since 1992. I am no longer active in the funeral scam,…I mean business. The FTC’s regulations regarding funeral homes are regularly circumvented in the most obvious ways. At David Funeral Homes in New Iberia and surrounding areas, customers are not charged more for providing a casket from outside the funeral home, but they are charged less for purchasing their casket from the funeral home. What’s the difference? Also, the owner of Warren Meadows Funeral Home in Many, LA makes a practice of telling customers that a casket made of copper or bronze (obviously more expensive) will preserve human remains longer than will steel or wood caskets. His one word explanation (“AIR”) defies logic and all ethical concerns. Until these firms are forced to stick to the letter and intent of the law, consumers will continue to be ripped off by unsound practices.

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