Freedom to criticize

Thank you all very much indeed for commenting, especially the two gentlemen from the UK. Since tomorrow is the American celebration of Thanksgiving, I’d like to note two things for which I am thankful: 1. To live in a country where the law protects citizens’ rights to fairly comment and critique the actions of public figures, including, most especially, the right to point out things one finds unsavory, even if said public figures and admirers don’t like it. 2. To live under a legal system which, in marked contrast to that of the UK, finds such rights (and the related concepts of truth as an absolute defense, and free expression of commentary and opinion) far more important to preserve than assuaging the indignation of public figures or their admirers. I wish you all the very best. Josh Slocum Funeral Consumers Alliance P.S. to Mr. Callender – Your claim that your sympathies usually lie with FCA is belied by your willingness to make such a reactionary comment. Those whose sympathies are truly in accord with another party don’t generally assume that other party has no basis for their actions. Sympathetic people usually think to themselves, “there might be more to this situation than I know, even it if it’s not immediately apparent to me.”

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