I’m sure you will not post this comment as it refutes what you are saying, however, a “few short years ago” the paper death certificate was filled out, signed by the physician, and delivered to the health department where no computer input or calling, or extra staff time to explain proceedures, by the Funeral Home conducting the services. The State now requires ANY death certificate to be filled out online and submitted to the health department for certification. This means any DC from the funeral home or from a DIY’ers. A DIY’er does not do this proceedure, it has to be done by the health department staff which takes more time than usual. It would be like a DMV employee having to sit down and fill out the application for the applicant and then enter it into the computer afterwards. The DMV would never do that, and so the Health Department shouldn’t have to either just because people don’t want to approach an evil funeral home. BTW, the Robles along with Representative Luz Robles (coincidence that it got through, I don’t think so) made it possible for any corrupt family member to get away with an illegal act if they so desire. They did not obviously look at all possible fraud possibilities before passionately getting this bill passed.

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