FD’s share the blame

If the funeral home owners who used NPS products to fund pre-arranged funerals want to learn who is involved in this financial collapse they need only look into the mirror. Were they blinded by the attractive women in short skirts or was it the empty promises of high return on investments that made them deposit consumer dollars in a Ponzi scheme? Actually it was both. Most funeral directors succed in spite of themselves and they have proved again that they are very poor businessmen. Could this be another example of why the consumer is turning to low cost cremation and alternative disposal services? You bet it is. In a recent informal poll of funeral directors in this state, it was discovered that a majority of those funerl home owners were going to continue to do business with the former NPS girls, as the same women that sold them on participating in the financial house of cards moved them into other marginal, poorly funded, small insurance companies. Don’t these idiots understand that it was poor advice from these same people that got them into trouble? I guess not! You will not be sleeping with these women and you need to understand that, before you hurt our profession more than you already have. Get as far away from these advisors as you can. The Prince of Darkness comes in attractive packages, as do his acolytes. Shame, shame on the state insurance/banking regulators who were asleep at the wheel. They bear as much responsibility as do the perpetrators of this great crime. Shame on the Stare FDA associations who endorsed the use of thiese products. When will we REALLY learn the age old mantra: “If it looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true”? Sadly, many funeral home owners never will. Due diligence means making a close study of the investment vehicle to be used then basing your decision on the financial facts, not on how much you like the presenter. Every funeral home owner who used NPS will get what they deserve.

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