doug and rhonda cassity

Rhonda and Dougie have lived the lavish life ……on the future graves of the people they have duped. I remember them well when they were Amwaying their way through people savings. Old Dougie had determined that there were too many honest attorneys in Springfiele for him to thrive so he bagan to branch out. Rhonda was an excellent-looking gal, kind of a poster girl for Mary Kay. It appears that she trained well under Dougie’s leadership and has actively participated in the laundry (not of clothes, the maid took care of that)of funds from bogus company to bogus company and then invested in the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Is there any way to stack the jury pool to give me the opportunity to be on a future jury for these two snakes. It’s been said you can’t keep a snake locked up forever, but I’d like the opportunity to try. It is very disappointing that through the years people like the Blunts, Nixon,Wasson,Viebrock,Dixon,Clemens,Bentley,Marsh, and the other legislators in Missouri failed their oath to protect us from these predators.

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