Donor company finally responds to Bisbee bones scandal

KGUN9-TV (Tucson)
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Posted: Feb 23, 2011
Updated: Feb 25, 2011

PHOENIX (KGUN-TV) — For the first time since the discovery of human remains at a Bisbee cemetery in October, the donor company involved in the scandal has finally responded to KGUN9 News in an on-camera interview.

LifeLegacy is the Tucson-based, non-profit donor company that hired funeral director Paul Parker to dispose of the remains of bodies donated to science.  Parker later admitted that he partially cremated the remains of donors, stored them in garbage cans outside his St. David crematory, and then dumped them into sprawling pits at his Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Parker told KGUN9’s Claire Doan that LifeLegacy was fully aware of how he handled the remains of deceased donors who signed their bodies over to the company for research and educational purposes.

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