Defunct NPS/Mt Washington Forever..Consumers suffer consequences

Upset doesn’t begin to describe the emotional distress my husband and I are going through. We paid a nice little chunk out of our monthly SS checks as we had little or no burial insurance. Yes couple the burial package with the interest we paid and Yes, indeed, NPS etal, added to their pleasures from Ill-Gotten-Gains. WHERE ARE THE WATCH DOGS? I have been battling this problem for too long–since 2008. Each time, I am told it is being looked into. RIGHT!!!!! BY Whom? The attorney General’s office has been looking into this since 2008 with no success and We were also reassured by Mt. Washington Forever (received a letter to this effect) that we had nothing to worry about. What a laugh! So many people were looking into this but the consumer is still and will probably always be left hanging. We cannot afford to pay for any funeral services now so I guess we can have our bodies tossed in the middle of the street. I say its a sad day when consumers are duped. This situation /Problem speaks for itself and I say, Someone ought to be responsible for the crimes committed. Stealing this much money from people is a CRIME. I believe that the consumer deserves to be looked out for and, if the responsible parties cannot do this then the system is less than functional. I know, the Attorney General’s office watches out for the consumer. Well here is one for you, Mr. Attorney General (I will keep this on a no-name basis because before this is all over there will probably be another two or three different AG’s) Where are we at this point and since someone stole our money, How can we get it back? And, no, we cannot afford a private attorney so now just answer the question. We would like our money and what shall we do to get it?

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