Deceiving numbers in Idaho

Tom, I think you have alot of good points. Simply put, in your words, a simple tally of businesses doesn’t necessarily tell us all we need to know. Even the FCA presented numbers in Idaho are deceiving. I looked on the Idaho Board of Morticians database as well and came up with 107 locations owned by 70 owners, equating to 1.53 facility to owner ratio. Sure it’s nowhere near Iowa’s ratio, but the states are different, and the numbers show that your gut was not as accurate as you thought. FCA needs to present some researched numbers, not just what they feel in their gut. I would agree that some alternate research is needed, by the FCA, before they present these types of conclusions. Tom, I do disagree with you in your conclusion. I believe the complaints in the comments totally submarine the credibility of FCA because a simple tally… does not tell us all we need to know and many of the complaints and arguments have illigitimized this theory that is not as firm as FCA would like us to believe.

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