Cryonics – Suspending The Inevitable?
April 13, 2011

Nearly everyone has a fear of death, but there are some who refuse to accept its grip pulling them from the living world. There reasoning can range from beliefs in punishment in the afterlife for bad behavior, unfinished business, or simply a zest for being alive. Sometimes, atheists who feel that the time they have is all there is, may be reluctant to leave the world when their life ends. And then, there are those who suffer from illness or disease that modern medicine cannot resolve.

But, can anyone truly cheat death? Some people seem to think so. With hope for extending their existence on the planet, they turn to a highly controversial science called Cryonics. Many people may be familiar with the term only from the sensationalized headlines reporting on Walt Disney’s supposed freezing, which have been found to be untrue. But what, exactly is cryonics? Does the process begin before or after death? Let us have a look.

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