This is comeupance! This is what happens with major ego-driven criminals. You would think that they would have headed a little caution after the stint in prison, but no, the egos involved in this family are uncontrollable. They still believe they did nothing wrong. I guess if they get to keep the extreme cars, houses,vacations, schools, clubs etc… it’s alright with them. They have stuff hidden in grandkids names all over the nation. What a way to use your family to support your spending habits (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting families who bought worthless contracts from them) These people are prime examples of “want-a-bes”. It would be prudent for the funeral directors to class action sue the Rhonda Brent Tyler Trust (RBT Trust II). The individuals should class action sue NPS/Lincoln, if there is anything left after Broussards gets them. (They have had three or so months of forewarning on this and have surely scrambled to hide cash in newly formed untraceable trusts.) The Cassity family has made a great living upon screwing unsuspecting individuals and other companies for years. This time, as oppossed to the investigations of wrongdoing in 1994 and 2000, the family needs to be held financially responsible at the expense of their extraordinary lifestyles.

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