criminal charges?

What are the criminal charges that could come into play here? There has to be some sort of laundering scheme here or the Cassity family (Doug and Rhonda) wouldn’t be living so extravagantly with multimillion dollar homes, apartments, townhomes, summer houses,(St. louis, Los Angeles, Nantucket, Naples Fl, Chesterfield, NYC and who knows where else) wildly expensive cars, private country clubs, vacations for them and the in-laws, according to their proclaimed income. I love how Spooner says in the KC article that “you’re not going to see them buying jets, boats and throwing 5 million dollar parties” What restraint they have had! Given another couple of years they would have had a jet and a house in the Hamptons. It is greed and fancy stuff that got them noticed. Now what? Will they be charged with any criminal wrongdoings in any of the 19 states involved? I would bet that Doug or J.doug or J or J.D. or J Douglas or whatever name he goes by has figured out how to keep his stuff and not go back to jail. And what happened to the big Centrue Bank opening?

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