Cremation and Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reefs provides a cremation memorial that is both green and creates a meaningful contribution to future generations. Without getting into a long discussion about cremation, the issues of using fossil fuels and pollution from the cremation process have largley been addressed with new technology. Many funeral homes provide cremation services under $1000.00 and land burial is not for everyone. The concept of conservation burial is really based in the ideal of contribution. Leaving a permanent living legacy for future generations. Cremation memorials can provide the same living legacy. Eternal Reefs is an original member of the Green Burial Council and what they promote for land preservation and protection Eternal Reefs does in the ocean. Together we form the surf and turf of the natural burial movement. Eternal Reefs goes several steps further. We encourage family members and friends to participate with the casting and creation of their loved ones Eternal Reef. They can mix the concrete and remains together and cast the memorial. Then they have the opportunity to personalize the memorial with handprints and written messages in the damp concrete. They take ownership of the reef and it quickly becomes more than their loved ones memorial, it becomes a personal tribute that they made with their own hands. Family members can witness the reefs being placed and then dedicate the reef site to their loved one. When they see the amount of life and growth these reefs support there is a genuine sense of accomplishment and contribution. The entire Eternal Reefs process is designed to heal both the sea and the soul. With more than 7300 Facebook fans we have a contirbution the people find dignified and meaningful. Thanks, George

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