Corrupt Funeral Industry in Louisiana

You think that is bad. What is worse is that the funeral industry sold Burial Policies in the 50’s which are “worthless” today. The funeral board is so corrupt and has such a strong lobby, not to mention our more than willing,graft grubbing politicians, after state hearings have managed to sanction their actions to only render original “face value” for such policies. I know, we had 5 policies bought in the early 50’s, and yet Mothe’s will not honor the policy as written. One could say these poor suckers were the seed money on which they built their business. Do the math, the initial $600 policy cost in 1955 would amortize to close to $18,000 todays value, and yet they have been given the OK by the State to reimberse policy holders merely the “face value”? Surely Mothe’s could be a bit more compassionate and less greedy when dealing with their policy holders. It amazes me how they have managed to keep this scandelous behavior moot. This could be a prize winning expose’. As another funeral home recently told me, “this is what gives our industry a bad name.” I guess Mothe’s Funeral Home does not realize there is a Hall of Records ,death is inevetable and we will all have to answer to St Peter—How ironic

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