conned preneed customer

My wife and I, after watching the ads on Tv about the wonders of preneed, went to the local friendly undertaker and ended up paying a goodly chunk for our funerals in advance. The brochure hyped how they were a privately owned enterprise and were not obligated to outside boards, stockholders, etc.. Later, we read the publicity on how crooked the industry was and went to the funeral home and demanded the return of our many thousands. By this time they were owned by an out of town Corporation and we found out they had sent our money to an out of state Corporation and possibly on to another. We firmly believe they have stolen our money and do not know how our funerals will be handled . Our check was made payable to the local funeral home, the contract was with the local funeral home, but 2 years later we learned the check was endorsed by the first out of state Corporation. We were very explicit that we did not want any plans with any other company, just the local funeral. Now the new owner of the home denies any liability. The Kansas Attorney General Consumer Protection has refused to help, the Insurance Commissioner is no help, the Kansas Board of Mortuary Arts seems more concerned about the poor funeral homes and one authority spoke of the probability that if the funeral home provided services for us the services would be inferior to what we paid for. Another funeral home advised me that funeral directors had attempted for years to get the Missouri Corporation shut down in Kansas but the Kansas authorities refused and are now attempting to cover up their malfeasance.

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