Complaint against Rose Hills Mortuary California

My brother passed away in Kentucky on August 27th, 2008 and after having his body cremated my family brought his ashes to California and had selected a specific cremation niche on the left side of a beautiful waterfall at Rose Hills. The day of the service they had set up the chairs and flowers on the right side of the waterfall and told us that whomever told us there was a niche available on the left side was incorrect. The sales person we dealt with previously was not working that day. After an hour or so of discussing our arrangements with various employees and 75 relatives looking on in the sun, we had the service on the left side and a few days later saw them place his ashes in our desired niche on the left side. It’s been a little more than a month now and my family visited the mortuary and to our horror they placed his name plate on the wrong side. Are his ashes behind his name or are they in the other niche? My family is terribly upset and sick of this kind of treatment. What can we do? We feel like taking his ashes back and moving them somewhere else. Thank you.

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