Advocacy in Action in Cleveland

Why join a Funeral Consumers Alliance group? Because you won’t find a better source of practical, in-depth, pro-consumer advice on how to choose a funeral that fits your taste and budget  without being scammed. FCA’s Cleveland affiliate, the Cleveland Memorial Society (CMS), has produced one of the best newsletters we’ve ever seen. While it’s geared to a local audience, the newsletter is jam-packed with practical advice and incisive commentary on funeral industry practices and consumer empowerment. It includes:

  • The story of how CMS convinced an Amish woodworker to make affordable ($175) wood coffins for members when funeral homes were charging $200 for flimsy cardboard.
  • A cautionary tale about prepaying for your funeral, and all the financial trouble this kind of purchase can bring. Includes an analysis of how state law fails to protect funeral consumers sufficiently, and how buyers can protect themselves.
  • A first-person report on Ohio’s first green cemetery – a burial ground that allows natural burial without embalming, metal caskets, and concrete vaults, while keeping the grounds in a natural, beautiful state.

Read the whole newsletter here. If you like what you see, consider joining your local Funeral Consumers Alliance.

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