Sorry, Josh. I was addressing Ann Birdwell and her problem with our state board. Quoting from the Jun 25th Louisiana board meeting ” a discussion ensued once again regarding Central Monument selling caskets in the Shreveport, LA area and the discovery of their warehouse on Common Street in Shreveport”. I picture Ann’s casket purveyors scurrying about in ninja outfits to escape the selective scrutiny of Board attorney Michael Rasch. Even if retail sales prevailed, pursuant to a successful St. Joseph Abbey/Institute for Justice push, Louisiana consumers must shake the death grip The Industry has on their check book. After the heyday of open sales, morticians will undercut the retailers and shift their requisite markup to the non-declineable service charge. Combine casket retailers with consumers armed with the same rights as those choosing home schooling, mid-wifery, or a plethora of DIYS options and Louisiana might still claim a foothold in ethics reform.

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