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I talked to a cemetery lot salesman today because I was interested in 2 burial lots. We discussed the prices of the lots then went into the other costs affiliated with a burial. The morturary is a separate expense, i.e., casket, flowers, viewing, church services, and grave side service. The burial site will have you making decisions in minutes. First, there is the valt that is necessary to keep the ground from caving in, and there are types ranging from $1000 to $2500. The salesman was quick to say that the $1,000 valt was not “waterproof”. I asked him, ” Well, who would want to know that they buried their loved one in a valt that would allow water to seep in? He said, “You would be surprised”. I have researched and now know that there is no casket, valt, container, that will keep the body intact, indefinitely. A sealed tight container is the worse, because the loved one produces various gases and substances that will create a “stew”, like a crock pot! I would certainly not want that. I now realize that decomposition is not a bad thing and that it is nature’s way of doing the right thing for the right reasons. A simple wooden coffin is the best way to go, and I would get the least expensive liner/valt that meets specifications and commit our loved one to the soil, from whence they came. Remember man, that thou art dust, and to dust (earth) ye shall return. Remember the joy and love and bury your loved ones with dignity and love for nature. You will have enough expenses with the opening and closing of the grave site, the memorial marker, and if it is a Saturday, you will pay extra in some states because the crews are all part of a union and they get extra pay. Remember, this is a business and don’t think that you need to be prey to the “emotional Pocket book syndrome”. Use the left over money to help someone in need, have a great party celebrating their life and know that you did your very best. A good lesson was learned by me today!

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