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To say that because of a few incidents, that all of Neptune is shady, is both ignorant and biased. Has every funeral home in America never had one complaint? Not likely. Funeral homes over the generations have been known to extract high fees for services and goods at a time when most people are grieving and experiencing one of life’s most painful moments. The national average is something in the $7-8000 range! You should be encouraging people to establish and set up their services far in advance since most of us never know when we will die. It is the smart thing to do. Whether standard funeral or cremation, it is each individuals decsion and setting up a pre-need service takes a huge burden off your family and loved ones. That is what’s most important. I had a fantastic experience with Neptune as did all of the friends and family that I recommended to them. While you may be an “independent watch dog” as you say, it is clear by your comments and venom that you are focused on “at-need” services rather than helping people plan for the uncertanties of life. We plan for accidents and catastrophes, why not something that is definite? Your article is misleading and a scare tactic. That is all. Most people will see right through it as such.

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