Burial in Arlington & Cremation

I haven’t seen this addressed. I was informed that #1, person to be buried must be eligible, so eliigibility has been ascertained. Now, upon death, after EMT determines death has occurred, 2)is body transported to a hospital for examining? If so, 3) can the family go directly to a crematorium for cremation after the hospital, then receive the ashes and send to Arlington or other cemetery? Or, does everyone have to use a funeral home. I read either above or on another site, the answer to this question is NO. 4) In talking with the Arlington Cemetery staff that the funeral home will handle everything, but this is if we use a funeral home, I guess. 5) If an EMT has detrmined death has occurred, can’t we just call a crematorium for transportation of body to be cremated? It does seem that in addition to the cremation cost, a funeral home will handlle for a fee some of the incidentals of obtaining the death certificate, “packaging the body” for the cremation, getting the body there, receiving the remains and giving to famiily. Is this all there is to it? If we wanted to handle all services ourselves, how do we get the body to the cremaatory site. And, does our counties have information sheets or booklets of things they require family to do before issuing a death certificate. I’ve asked a lot of questions, but I don’t see the answers in anything of the sites I’ve visited on line. Any help you can provide is most appreciated.

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