Brent Cassity interview Forever Funeral Homes and NPS

Such Greed.. According to this they had a fairly good idea what was going on with NPS and Forever. TWST: How large are your revenues? Mr. Cassity: We’re about $11 1/2 million to $12 million this year. Let me make a comparison there. If you take SCI, Service Corporation International, their average cemetery is about 800 to 1,000 burials. They average about $1.7 million in revenues. If you take our 1,000 burials, we average about $11 1/2 million. Another important point is we collect about 40%- 45% cash down on our pre-need cemetery and funeral sales which is about 2-3 times more than our competitors in our business. So even though we’re smaller, we can play in the market a lot bigger with SCI or Stewart just because we’re definitely coming at it from a different angle. TWST: Do these other two companies that you just mentioned do anything similar? Mr. Cassity: No, they don’t. If you look at just the name of Service Corporation International, their strategy was to buy as many funeral homes and cemeteries as they could as an acquisition company. They weren’t really focused on the operation side of what they needed to do, and how and what the market was changing to and from. They never put themselves in a position to be able to create a certain type of brand of service. So our brand is Forever. Each time we go to a new location the Forever brand is incorporated into the name — Hollywood is now Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Bellerive Forever Cemetery, Mt. Washington Forever Cemetery. So the daughter who is on the Internet site at in Dallas, Texas, calls up her mom’s biography site in Kansas City (if we then have a cemetery in Dallas or whatever Forever Cemetery), then the Forever connection is made. That’s really what we’re looking for. You brought up the point that it doesn’t necessarily surround itself around the cemetery, and we basically are looking to be the biographers of the nation for not just the nationally or internationally famous, but for the people who are “famous” to their families and friends, the people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity for this service. We want to be able to do that for them.

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