Bill J.

Is the owner of the Neptune Society, or the founder, by any chance Joe V. Williams III? he is a local slumlord-using the term as defined by wikapedia and also the local paper- in Cleveland TN. He’s a pathological liar and a sociopath (from my observation) and has no problem cheating and lying and committing perjury-I and many, many others have observed. He also owns half of Fort Hill Cemetary, aka Forest Hill, possibly aka Sunset Memorial (so many assumed names). he does business in TN and GA and around the South. The town took him to court during the past 10 years to try and force him to keep up the cemetery-which after much resistance he now treats as a joke. He spitefully instructs his men to throw out any flowers left around the graves. I believe he has funeral operations going by the names Stuart and Hardwicks also. He’s a modrn day Potter and is trying hard to turn Cleveland, TN into Potters field. He has real estate offices in TN and GA : C21 Williams and Williams, Williams Corp, Williams and Langford, Louisville land Co property and Real estate “management” where he manages to run half the historical homes in the neighborhood into the ground. His partner is Kennedy Omanwa. They have (or had) a senior saints assisted living center going in Chattanooga, which appeared to be a run down house (704 Belvoir Ave-but since relocated) This Neptune operation is right up his dark alley: Joe Williams=Bill J?

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