Bereavement fares high for relatives of the many dead people flown out of South Florida

Orlando Sentinel
November 21, 2010

Each day, about 15 dead people fly out of South Florida, taking a one-way trip in a cargo hold to their final resting place.

During the winter months, when snowbirds flock south, the number of decedents jetting home tends to increase.

In Palm Beach County, about 2,600 were flown home last year, more than any other county in the state. Broward was next with about 1,900 and then Miami-Dade, with about 1,250.

In all, about 18,800 dead people were flown out of Florida last year, with about a third taking off from one of South Florida’s three major airports, according to Florida Department of Health records.

Grieving relatives, meanwhile, find last-minute airline tickets an expensive proposition. While some carriers still offer bereavement fares, overall, the airline industry has cut back on any kind of last-minute discounted seats.

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