After Hours?

I can’t imagine why you’re not commenting on my posts. It may be that you’re not in your office after hours or available 24 hours a day like those hard working funeral directors are each and every day. I wonder if the hard working folks at other businesses that work 24 hours a day are paid, or does the FCA expect them to stop charging such high rates for their services? Maybe you should be the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and “expose” businesses that could cut down on costs by not having 24 hour service. Imagine the cost of goods in Wal-Mart if we didn’t have more than one checker or stocker. Imagine the lowered cost of a hamburger if we didin’t have to pay the overhead costs included for the building in that ever increasing hamburger. The outrage of having to charge for employees to do their job. By the way, I’m still waiting for my 24 hour response, but I’m sure you are tucked away in your extremely inexpensive bed and will be in the office during “normal business hours”, unlike the funeral directors that you so readily despise for the services they provide.

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