Running an Affiliate

What is an affiliate?

  • Some FCA affiliates broker a deal with a funeral home that is a low price leader, willing to offer a discount to members of the affiliate.
  • Other FCA affiliates perform price surveys of area funeral homes so that anyone can find fair prices at a glance.
  • Some affiliates offer both.

It’s easy:

There are more ways than one to start an influential affiliate. Technology (Zoom, websites and search engines) has made this flexibility possible. An affiliate doesn’t have to achieve official IRS non-profit status, which only offers advantages if you take in a lot of large donations. In fact some affiliates are dropping their 501C3 status because it costs more than its worth. One holistic way of building an affiliate is that you don’t have to fulfill everything all at once. You can just pick what you have time, interest, and manpower to do first, and build onto that as you go.

What region should an affiliate cover?

Whether your state has one affiliate or several, consider thinking outside a small “territory.”

How to start an affiliate:

guidebook for starting an affiliate Part 1 guidebook for starting an affiliate Part 2

Affiliates offer:

You get advice from a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.

You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.

You are able to shop for services with full knowledge of your rights.

You enjoy the convenience of pre-planning without the risks of prepayment.

You are given the opportunity to discuss an important topic with family or friends while you are still healthy.

You leave behind a final gift, sparing your family the confusion of misunderstandings.

You become an educated consumer, likely to buy only those things you want or need.

You either get a discount with a local provider, or at-a-glance price comparison by viewing our volunteer-tabulated price survey.

You make this website available to all in need.

You are part of a nationwide network. Your membership is honored by other affiliates nationwide.

You are informed if a Bill is proposed that could erode or enhance your right to choose simple and affordable arrangements.