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I work for an office that deals with numerous funeral homes every day. When I heard about a particular funeral home “closing” I contacted a family member who had a preneed contract with NPS that was already paid in full. Since that time, we have contacted the MO Attorney General, the Missouri Insurance Guarantor Association, and Lincoln Memorial. We were told by MIGA what little information they did have, and exactly where the money that had been paid in was now. We learned a very small portion of the money was in a whole life policy and a very large chunk was in a term life policy, and of course these were held by Lincoln Memorial. We then submitted a letter to LMLI and a couple months later, we received in writing how much money could be expected to be honored. The only good thing in all this is that we have since gone to another funeral home run by someone I trust, and they have agreed to take over the plan at no additional cost to us. This is just the first of a long list of family members I will have to deal with as this all plays out. Sad sad situation…and these family members are still alive! I can only imagine what families are going through at the time of death when, as they are grieving their loss, they are told “Oh by the way, there’s really no money here, so you will be responsible for ‘xxx’ amount of money”. I truly hope something is done to rectify this as much as possible.

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