Allen – I don’t know why you’re so angry with our site, but I think it’s preventing you from understanding what I’m saying. You wrote: “Wow, the “legal interest in the deceased has been discharged”? That sounds interesting coming from a group that is all about caring for their loved ones. ” I don’t understand what you’re saying (literally). Let me try again: the state has a medico-legal interest in certifying deaths. Once the physician in charge (or the ME) has signed the certificate, the death has been certified, and the state’s legal interest has been satisfied. Once that’s been done, all that’s required is that the family or funeral director fill in the biographical details and submit the completed certificate. What is unclear about that? We’ll have to disagree on the money issue. I don’t think $300 is a fair fee to charge families for the processing of a death certificate. It simply isn’t that complicated. Any state that wishes to make it easier for both families and themselves could follow the Vermont Health Dept.’s example and put up a website that explains how to file a death certificate. Anyone with the competence to complete an application for a driver’s license is capable of completing a death certificate. You claim you don’t “necessarily” have a personal stake in this matter. Well, I find it difficult to believe you’re not a funeral director, because you’re reacting in an over the top fashion to what is a very reasonable position on FCA’s part: that families have choice. If you’re a funeral director, that’s fine, but don’t be coy about it – declare your interest. This is not a “hate-mongering” site. As I explained above, we object to limiting family choice, and to coercive sales practices. We do not object to funeral directors earning a living. There is a difference. Your obvious anger is causing you to lash out and make ridiculous, gruesome statements about families hauling around gorey, blood-soaked bodies in the back of pickups. That’s not reasonable or positive.

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